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Legal Case Management

A matter-centric approach connects every entry to the appropriate client matter, while optimized calendar, document, and email management keep everyone on the same page.

Solicitors’ Office Accounting

Legal-specific trust and back-office accounting automatically keep you current and compliant. Over 100 reporting options help you analyze your firm’s performance and boost your bottom line.

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CosmoLex Has the Tools You Need to Run an Efficient Modern Solicitors’ Practice

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Client Intake and Relationship Management (CRM)

CosmoLex CRM is legal-specific CRM (Client Relationship Management) software designed to help you grow your profits by streamlining client intake, tracking prospective clients, and keeping current clients engaged and returning for services.

Stop wasting time and money on marketing efforts, let CosmoLex CRM determine your most profitable marketing campaigns, and automate your outreach. Establish customized text and email drip campaigns to stay in touch with your contacts and stay top of mind when they need your services.

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Timekeeping Tools Turn Minutes into Money

Billable time leakage is virtually eliminated thanks to CosmoLex’s fully integrated approach. Mobile timers encourage you to capture time in the moment, wherever you are, before you forget about it! Even time for calendared meetings & phone calls can be added to the matter automatically.

You’ll love the CosmoLex Money Finder – with this function, you can mark events, tasks, notes, and more as billable as they are created during the process of a normal day in your office. Once that item is completed in CosmoLex, if you have not made a time entry for it, the CosmoLex Money Finder will remind you on your Dashboard every day.

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Document Management & Creation that Saves Time & Enhances Security

Robust document tools let you assemble, store, share and secure electronic signatures -- all within CosmoLex. Adjustable templates make document construction a snap – and eliminate redundant effort. No more fumbling with passwords to hop from one app to another – it’s all done inside CosmoLex. No more searching multiple storage locations – every document is always automatically filed securely with its proper client matter.

Say "Goodbye" complicated file sharing & document signing procedures that frustrate clients! With LexShare secure file sharing and electronic signature collection are easier than ever before. Finally, you can go paperless – enjoying higher efficiency and profits.

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Calendar Management & Workflows that Help Get Your Work Done on Time

CosmoLex’s all-in-one solution brings calendar management & matter workflows directly in line with your case management – where it belongs. Meetings get automatically invoiced to the correct matter and workflows are easily customized for each case.

Your personalized Dashboard and Matter pages show all related meetings, due dates, and deadlines. Nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost by being posted in the wrong matter. And clients can be kept in the loop when you chose to share meetings and other critical dates through your Client Portal. Deliverables get delivered on time – every time.

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Trust Accounting Tools to Help Manage & Maintain Compliance Automatically

CosmoLex built-in accounting eliminates the tedious work & compliance worries that come with managing trust accounts. CosmoLex “knows” where & how funds need to be posted, and how expenses must be allocated. Even complex reports, like 3-way reconciliations, are a simple process.

Automatic bank feeds can sync your financial data directly with CosmoLex. And a full set of reports gives you the paper trail you need to manage & maintain compliance.

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Back-office Business Accounting Built for Solicitors’ Firms

Solicitors firms are unique businesses, so why would you trust your accounting to a generic business accounting tool? CosmoLex includes legal-specific accounting built with modern Solicitors firms in mind. 

Streamline your bookkeeping and reporting tasks with an accounting system that includes a customizable chart of accounts, automatic payment allocation to the proper accounts, write-off tracking, accounts payable tracking, bank data feeds, bank reconciliations, check printing, and more.

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